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July 30, 2019

Computer Enthusiast Creates Worlds Smallest "ThinkPad" Packed With a 64p OLED Screen and a Whopping 20Mhz CPU


It looks like the raspberry pi just got beat by a computer enthusiast by the name Paul Klinger who built a computer tinier than the raspberry pi zero using a Arduino microcontroller, 20Mhz CPU, 128x64p display, and 300 mAh battery

While this hardware cant be used for todays modern tasks it can play some classic games such as Tetris, Lunar Lander, Snake and a few more using its red track-point. The concept is cool but if your wondering if you could be able to buy this thing, unless Paul makes it a retail product this thing will not be buyable sadly. but why not try making your own improved version of it.


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