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May 20, 2019

Huawei Getting Baned In The US


Recently the US has decided to ban Huawei from the US due to them implementing chips in their phones that have the ability to shut down entire networks and because of this google has decided to be on the US side and stop giving them access to the non open-source areas of android google said that the company still has access to the AOSP tools which are open source they just don't have access to system updates and for future handsets the don't have access to google play services which means that if you own a Huawei device right now you can still download apps and app updates but there wont be anymore system updates for your phone. Also, they can't use popular apps like google play store, YouTube and chrome

The ban can also cause the economy to go down since they are also not allowed to do trade or make deals with with other US company's like Google, Qualcomm, Intel and NVIDIA.