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May 19, 2019

Minecraft Earth


On the Minecraft 10th anniversary event held on May 17 Microsoft announced that they are working on two new Minecraft games called Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons but, in this article, I'll just mainly stick to the Minecraft Earth topic. Minecraft earth is pretty much a new and improved version of the normal version of Minecraft you can still mine hunt mobs and build things, but the game play is not the same Minecraft earth is an AR game (augmented reality game) which means you are using your camera to explore and build in the real world from your phone also other Minecraft earth players will be able to see you build

the way you will be able to build things in the game will be by creating something called a 'plate' a 'plate' is like a building zone for your project you can choose where you place your plate and other players will be able to see it but only you can modify it which means nobody can grief it.