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July 8, 2019

Pebble in 2019, What Can it do?


If you can remember a couple years ago a company by the name pebble closed down after Fitbit bought the company due to competition, well because of that any pebble watches were unable to get apps since the apps ran from the phone and the app store got shut down. Well if you still own a pebble watch then here's a way that you can revive you watch.

First you will need to download the pebble app, on IOS you can find the app in the app store but in android you have to download the apk. Once you installed the app open your browser and go to and create an account then scroll down and click on 'switch to rebble' it should then open the pebble app and you will see a rebble screen click the rebble button and you are done the app should function like it used to back in its glory days.