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June 28, 2019

New Raspberry pi Coming out But This Time With up to 4GB of RAM


After a couple of successful years with the raspberry pi previous generations it's time they made an upgrade and that's exactly what they did, a couple days ago they announced the next generation raspberry pi and they named it the raspberry pi 4 (not really surprising) and it introduces a better processor and up to a whopping 4 GB of RAM which means this could run Windows 10 since many windows 10 machines run with only 4 GB of RAM a lot of times even 2 GB of RAM and the best part is the pi starts at the same $35 price but I'm guessing that if you wanted the 4 GB model you'll have to pay more but I don't think it will be over $100 dollars since one of the main reasons for making the raspberry pi is for it to be tiny and also really affordable.

Would I recommend the raspberry Pi 4? Yes I would because this is perfect for web browsing on windows 10 and some other light use such as coding web pages if your a web developer like me or if you just want a windows 10 based machine that you can use for testing experiments but you don't want to try that on your every day machine because you don't want to accidentally break it.