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July 2, 2019

Samsung Just Launched Their First All-Screen Phone


Since there has been so much excitement about the galaxy note 10 lately followed by so many leaks we already know so much about the phone, so its time we start talking about other phones to, that's why today we will be talking about Samsung's new phone the galaxy a80 phone with a truly all-screen display and no notch or cut-out, this time the phone has a rotating camera that rotates from the from the back so you can take selfies.

While this may sound any phone with moving parts is vulnerable to breaking faster, while many phones with moving parts have lasted so far some have not take Samsung's galaxy fold for example the phone was announced back in February and was supposed to be released back in April, now its already July and it still has not been re-released so hopefully this phone doesn't face similar problems but only time will tell.